What’s Your Freedom Number?

What's Your Freedom Number

Back in August of 2010 I retired after 34 years in public education. Retirement sounded exciting… but along with it came a significant reduction in pay. So I remained part time in my position of Technology Coordinator for the school district in order to supplement my retirement income… I like to tell people that I … Read more

What Is Traffic, Really?

If you are just starting out as an online marketer, or even if you have been involved for quite some time, you have heard it said many times that traffic is the key to financial success… and by traffic, I mean website visitors. However, I want to tell you that traffic in only half the … Read more

How To Treat Your List

email amrketing

Over the years I had built several small lists of 200 or more subscribers. I had one list related to healthy homemade dog food that is connected to both a blog and a Facebook page… it continues to get subscribers every week even though I had not written any new content in over a year. … Read more

Email List Basics…

Email List Basics

What Is An Email List? Basically, an email list is a group of people who are very interested in your offers… so interested that they have consented to receive your email messages.  They are usually collected through and “opt-in” process whereby they submit their email contact information in exchange for something they wish to receive… … Read more

Three Types Of Website Visitors…

Three Types of Website Visitors

In my previous blog post, I discussed the different groups that you need to serve in your business. These four groups include: Your Audience Your Partners Your Team Members Your Community If you missed it, here’s the link…   Four Groups Your Business Should Serve   Now I want to “zero in” and focus on that … Read more

What Is Your Business Vision?

Why Set Business Goals? In a study among students at the Harvard School of Business, these questions were asked: “Have you set clear goals for your future?  Are they written down? If so, have you made plans to accomplish these goals? The results? Only 3 had written goals and plans to achieve these goals. Another … Read more

Grasping The Business Mindset…

Business Mindset

Why Are You In Business? It’s a simple question… “Why are you in business?” If you can’t answer this question, I guarantee you WON”T be successful. What are your deepest desires for starting your business? Time freedom? Financial freedom? Supporting your family? What is the main thing that would make you do what others are … Read more

Are You Missing Out On This?

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How many times have you seen a presentation promoting the use of article marketing to generate traffic for your site? How about blogging? Forum marketing? OK… have you tried it? Not as as effective as they make it sound, is it? What if you could utilize a traffic strategy that takes these marketing strategies to … Read more