The Go-Giver… A Book Recommendation

Awhile back I published two posts that were based on quotes by business mentor Jim Rohn… To Have More We Must Become More – Jim Rohn The Book You Don’t Read Won’t Help You – Jim Rohn In this post I am going to tell you about the book I am currently reading… The Go-Giver. … Read more

Business Card Creation Ideas…

Business Card Ideas

Are you getting ready to design a business card? Here are some things to think about as you design your card… There are obvious things like name, email, phone, and affiliate ID#. You would be surprised about the number of times I have seen something as important as this let off a card or advertisement. … Read more

Are You As Successful In Your Business As You Should Be?

success target

I recently read a cool article on about why people are not successful. I took some of these and reapplied them specifically to those involved in building an online (or offline) business. Here are some reasons why you are NOT as successful as you should be: Laziness: Successful people work hard… especially at first. … Read more

Do You Need An Online Coach?

Do You Need An Online Coach

It’s quite evident that if you’re reading this that you’ve been bitten by the online marketing bug… Whether you’re trying to build a business that follows the network marketing model, promoting digital or physical products as an affiliate, or you’re developing and marketing your own information products, you can definitely benefit from the tutelage of … Read more