Grasping The Business Mindset…

Business Mindset

Why Are You In Business? It’s a simple question… “Why are you in business?” If you can’t answer this question, I guarantee you WON”T be successful. What are your deepest desires for starting your business? Time freedom? Financial freedom? Supporting your family? What is the main thing that would make you do what others are … Read more

Celebration Or Resentment?


I heard an interesting comment on a sports radio station a couple of days ago. The commentator was discussing the millions each year being earned now by Alabama head football coach, Nick Saban. Now, I am not an Alabama fan… but I have no problem with his compensation. I am sure that he is earning … Read more

The Go-Giver… A Book Recommendation

Awhile back I published two posts that were based on quotes by business mentor Jim Rohn… To Have More We Must Become More – Jim Rohn The Book You Don’t Read Won’t Help You – Jim Rohn In this post I am going to tell you about the book I am currently reading… The Go-Giver. … Read more

Are You As Successful In Your Business As You Should Be?

success target

I recently read a cool article on about why people are not successful. I took some of these and reapplied them specifically to those involved in building an online (or offline) business. Here are some reasons why you are NOT as successful as you should be: Laziness: Successful people work hard… especially at first. … Read more

Here’s Your Leadership Blueprint

re's Your Leadership Blueprint

Let me ask you this question… What does a building contractor require first before he begins construction? Answer: The Blueprint. The blueprints details every aspect of the structure to be built… even down to how it will look when finished. What essential quality does an online marketer need to be successful? Leadership… hands down. Leadership … Read more

You Must Have Balance

You Must Have Balance

How Do You Focus On A Balanced Life Between Business and Family? As I sat down to write this post, I looked through one of my notebooks for an idea… I ran across this half page list, and it just jumped out at me. It caused me to think… to re-evaluate the approach I have … Read more

Home Business: The Challenges

Starting your own home based business without doing your research would be like diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim and without a life preserver. Before you step into the waters, or dive in as the case may be, recognize some of the challenges that you will surely encounter At first you … Read more

The Motivation Of “Why”

I had just completed a hectic week. I had retired awhile back after 35 years in the education field, but I still worked from time to time as a technology consultant. I had worked the last 10 years as the school district’s Director of Technology. As such, I ran the school computer network. I also … Read more