Tool # 3 – Your Own Squeeze Page

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Collecting Contact Information from Your Leads

There are countless ways to make money online: network marketing, affiliate marketing, business consulting, freelancing, selling information products, offering online services… the list goes on and on.

No matter what type of income model you are using for your business, there is another tool that is essential to your success… your Squeeze Page.

Let’s look at an example…

You spend $30 to run an ad in an eZine that will send them to a website promoting a product that will earn you $50 per sale.

You get 17 people who view you ad, and one purchases.

Great… you made a $20 profit.

But, what about those other 16 people? Were they just not interested, or did they just need more information before deciding to purchase?

You’ll never know because all you did was point them at a web page and you’ll never see or hear from them again.

Here’s another scenario…

You purchase an eZine ad for $30 and point the prospects to a specialized webpage called a “squeeze page”.

The “squeeze page” is designed for one purpose only and that is to gather the viewer’s contact information, and then send them to your product offer.

Again, you make one immediate sell, but your autoresponder continues to send more information about your product offer.

Sometime between receiving from one to seven emails, five more people purchase your product.

Now you’ve made $270 instead of just the previous $20.

But wait… you’re not done!

Two weeks later you send out a different offer to these same leads you already collected, and you make three more sales for another $150.

How much did those leads cost you? Zero… you didn’t have to pay for an ad this time.

And tomorrow, or next week, or next month you can do it all over again.

So you can see the importance of building an email list, and the tools required are autoresponders and squeeze pages.

Requirements For A Good Squeeze Page?

As stated in the overview, a squeeze page is a simple one page website that has one purpose: to capture a visitor’s contact information and add it to an autoresponder campaign. Other names for a squeeze page include an “opt-in page” and a “lead capture page”.

And, hopefully, now you are convinced about the necessity of a squeeze page. So, let’s look at the requirements of a good squeeze page.

1. Your Incentive… sometimes called the “bait” or the “bribe”, must match the list. Don’t offer an eBook about “online marketing” when the focus of the list you are promoting is “personal development.”

2. Your Headline… the focus of the headline is to instantly catch the attention of your reader.

3. Minimal Form-Fields… reduce the requirements of the “form field” on your opt-in form… all you really need is the first name and email address of your potential subscriber. I have even created some forms that only ask for the email.

4. Keep It Simple… focus on getting the reader to sign up… nothing else.

5. Use Graphics Sparingly… keep it clean and don’t overdo it. You might put an image depicting the cover of the product offer, and maybe some arrow pointing to the opt-in form.

6. NO LINKS to anything else… don’t give the reader an opportunity to leave your squeeze page.

7. Your “Call to Action”… don’t forget to tell people to sign-up.

8. Your “Opt-in Form”… Obviously, you’ve got to have a way for them to sign-up.

9. Keep the “Copy” short… again, don’t overdo it. The “copy” should be as long as necessary, and no longer.

10. Text or Video?… use whichever works best for your offer. How do you know? Testing. We’ll get to that in tool #6.

11. Above the Fold… Make sure the opt-in form and the most important info is “above the fold.” In other words, don’t make the reader scroll down to get to the important stuff… like the opt-in form!

12. Privacy Guarantee… be sure to address how you will handle their contact information.

13. Example… Here is an example of a squeeze page that is working very well for me… My 20 Dollar Travel Biz


Here are examples of a couple of squeeze pages I have been using… here is the first one:


Notice how I kept the squeeze page both simple and clean. There is no question about the action the reader needs to take to receive the “freebie”. I only have two items the reader needs to provide to access the “gift”… their name and their email. In fact, since I took the screenshot and after testing the performance, I have modified this further… the reader now only has to enter their first name.

Check out this second example below…


This squeeze page is performing adding multiple subscribers to my list every day. I am using this particular squeeze page to market with free advertising sites like safelists and viral mailers to build what I call my “freebie list”. I am employing a feature called “automation rules” which works like this…

A reader sees the squeeze page and decides to opt-in to receive the free ebook.

When they subscribe for this “Top 10 Safelists” ebook, they are also automatically added to my main list… the Gold Marketing Mastery Newsletter.

Why? A lot of subscribers will just opt-in to get the “freebie”, and immediately unsubscribe. Buy automatically adding the subscriber to two lists at once, it gives me a second chance to engage them and build relationships that might someday lead to sales.


Squeeze Page Tools…

One of the first tools I used to begin creating squeeze pages and build my list is still around today. It’s called the Instant Squeeze Page Creator.  It has all the tools, graphics, and even incentive products to entice readers to give up their information and subscribe.

I also recommend this service to people just starting out to help them learn about the whole process of creating a squeeze page… from start to finish.

Once you grasp the different steps involved you can get move forward and start creating your own squeeze pages.

As one of the incentives for people to join my primary business, I build squeeze pages for them… you could do the same.

Here’s the link for the Instant Squeeze Page Generator…


More Tools…

Since squeeze pages are very simple one page websites, they can be built in many ways.

I used a WordPress plugin called Thrive Architect to build build the first one shown above.

I created the second squeeze page shown from scratch using the Sothink HTML Editor software… you could also do this with another free software called Kompozer.

Basically, if you can create page layouts in Microsoft Word, you can create pages using either of these two tools.

Another idea is to do a Google search for “Squeeze Page Templates” to find squeeze page mini sites you can edit. I have done this on many occasions… sometimes my final version looks nothing like the original, but the template gives me a good place to start working.

For beginners, and advanced marketers also, there are other online services that allow you to build and modify squeeze pages.

The one I would like to show you is called Ad Kreator.


Building Squeeze Pages with AdKreator

First, here’s the link to join free… Ad Kreator

Ad Kreator has nearly a thousand ready-made templates you can use for all types of marketing strategies, including banner ads, splash pages, button graphics, squeeze pages, and much, much more.

In fact, Ad Kreator has over 100 squeeze page templates you can modify to meet your marketing needs.

Another neat feature is their collection of over 100 list building packages. These are premade squeeze pages built around different marketing themes, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, or free traffic.

All you have to do is add your autoresponder code in the online squeeze page. The system automatically creates a “confirmation page” and a “download page” for you to add to your autoresponder campaign. With Ad Kreator you can get a squeeze page up to build your list in a matter of minutes.

The squeeze pages are hosted by Ad Kreator, but they can also be downloaded to be added to your own hosting account… which is what I recommend.

AdKreator also offers a free downloadable ebook guide and video tutorials.

Free members are allowed only one hosted squeeze page, but it appears to me that you can create and download as many as you want. The upgrade cost for a business account is $19.95 per month.

Here’s the link again… Ad Kreator


In the next post we will explore tool #4… Your Follow-Up Message Set





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