Are You Missing Out On This?

How many times have you seen a presentation promoting the use of article marketing to generate traffic for your site? How about blogging? Forum marketing?

OK… have you tried it?

Not as as effective as they make it sound, is it?

What if you could utilize a traffic strategy that takes these marketing strategies to a higher level without much more work involved?

The answer? Try sending these same articles and blog posts to high ranking Pdf Submission sites.

These document sharing sites, as they are also called, are also very useful for SEO and Search Engine Marketing. They will give you high PR backlinks while at the same time allowing you to promote your business products and services.

Pdf Submission Sites generate lot of traffic because people use them to find the niche information they are looking for… and most have built-in social sharing capabilities.

So what’s the process?

Step 1 – Content
You will still need articles specific to your niche… no way around this. You can write them yourself, outsources them… or use PLR content.  If you do use PLR, I recommend collecting several different pieces of PLR content, and use them as research to create completely new content. Remember, the more original your content, the better the search engines like it.

Step 2 – Call to Action
This is critical…  you need to end your document with a specific call to action.  Don’t leave any doubt to what you want the reader to do… you want them to take a specific action.  Link back to your website… to either a capture page (best), or to a product sales page.

Step 3 – Create the Document
The last step is also very important.  You want to turn your document into a .pdf file. It could be a document created with your word processor or a slide show created with PowerPoint… either way, save it as a pdf document…  you want your links to stay intact.

Once this is done it is ready to upload to one of these sites:

Top 5 Document Sharing Sites

1.                  PR9

2.               PR8

3.          PR8

4. wattpad                     PR8

4.  PR7

Below is a link to a great YouTube video explaining this strategy…

Here’s a YouTube Video I found – How To Drive FREE TRAFFIC Using Document Sharing Sites…


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