How to Increase Your Website Traffic to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing – Part 3

Traffic Generation

Hello again my friend… In this series we’ve been investigating the following statement: “As an affiliate marketer, your main objective is to promote and sell the products and services offered by your partner merchants. Unless you can do this, you can never hope to make a significant amount of money with affiliate marketing programs.” So, … Read more

How To Treat Your List

email amrketing

Over the years I had built several small lists of 200 or more subscribers. I had one list related to healthy homemade dog food that is connected to both a blog and a Facebook page… it continues to get subscribers every week even though I had not written any new content in over a year. … Read more

Email List Basics…

Email List Basics

What Is An Email List? Basically, an email list is a group of people who are very interested in your offers… so interested that they have consented to receive your email messages.  They are usually collected through and “opt-in” process whereby they submit their email contact information in exchange for something they wish to receive… … Read more