Why Should I Recruit a Team?

Let’s look deeper at that statement from yesterday’s discussion… but this time, let’s finish it out.

Retail Pays the Bills…  Recruiting Builds the Lifestyle!

Monthly retail sales are good… monthly residual income is even better.

What would you rather have… the results of your own personal efforts… or 100% of your efforts PLUS a percentage of your team’s efforts?
By leveraging other people’s efforts one can build an incredible “lifestyle” as well as walk-away income… retire while you are still young.

Network marketing, or MLM, has received a very negative connotation over the years… most people believe that you are just “using other people” to get rich yourself.

But let’s consider the corporate business model… the CEO gets a VERY BIG PAYCHECK… right?

But who does most of the actual work? How are they paid? Who’s using who?

If you are working in the corporate model, do you really have an opportunity to decide to move up in the corporate pyramid to the bigger pay days?

Not really!

But in the network marketing model ONLY YOU determine your pay days… if you want to earn more you just do what is necessary to make it happen!

OK, let’s review…

So far we have discussed why you should start a home-based business.

We looked at the benefits as well as the pro’s and con’s of the different aspects of home business ownership.

We also explored several home-based business models and how to find the best product for you to market.

Once you have selected the business model and type of product, you must then consider how you will market your products.

Also, in the case of a business that utilizes network marketing as a business model, you will also need to contemplate how you will attract and recruit new
distributors to your team.





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