Home Business Guide…

Welcome to my Home Business Guide…

The purpose for this series of blog posts is twofold… first, I want to give you a basic framework that you can use to evaluate your current business opportunity, or ANY opportunity you are considering to be a part of.

Second, I am offering my own opportunity of choice as the “guinea pig” so to speak… we will evaluate My 20 Dollar Travel Business as an example on how to use this guide.

Here is the list of topics we will be addressing is this guide…


10 Things to Consider

Over the next few posts we will discuss these 10 things…

1.  WHY Do You Want To Start Your Own Work From Home Business?
2.  How Will a Home-Based Business Benefit YOU?
3.  What Are the Pro’s and Con’s of Owning a Home Based Business?
4.  What Is Your Preferred Business Model?
5.  What Type of Product Is Best?
6.  What Is the Importance of Retail Sales?
7.  Why Should I Recruit a Team?
8.  How Does the Marketing System Contribute To My Success?
9.  Take A Look At the Best Travel Business In the World
10. Time To Take Action
So, let’s gig in… here’s the first post:   So You Want To Start Your Own Work From Home Business