When I first learned about the affiliate marketing business model, I thought “how great is that? I don’t have to create a product, or provide product support… I just send out some emails and watch the cash roll in!”

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that.

The fact is there is a lot more to the affiliate marketing business model that just finding a product to promote and sending a few emails.

Truth be told, the successful affiliate marketer wears a lot of hats…

First off, the affiliate MUST be a marketer… I mean, that’s evident in the job title… right?

You must come up with exciting and creative ways to promote your offers. You must be adept at social media marketing, joint ventures, SEO, media buys, blogging, press releases… in short, all types of ways to drive targeted traffic to your web site where they will discover the benefits of the product or service you are promoting.

Don’t know what some of those terms are talking about yet? You have more to learn an affiliate marketer.

The next hat you must wear as an affiliate is that of the “discerning eye”… you must learn to filter out the “not so hot” products and only choose those that will truly benefit your audience. You want your followers to know, like, and TRUST you so that they will buy from you with the confidence that you truly have their success at heart… not just your pocketbook!

Don’t know how to just the “keepers” from the “crap”? Then you have more to learn an affiliate marketer.

The third hat that you must wear is that of the “mind reader”! You have to know what your potential customer is thinking… their needs… what they are truly looking for. You have to get into your prospect’s heads. You have to know how to do market research.

Can’t do that yet? Then you have more to learn as an affiliate marketer.

The next hat you have to wear is that of the “copywriter”.  And this is a VERY IMPORTANT skill to develop… probably the most important skill of all.

As an affiliate you must write content for your website, blog, or newsletter… copy for your squeeze pages, sales letters, and advertisements… composing scripts for your videos and webinars… in fact, you may spend more time writing than any other task in your business.

Can’t write yet? Then you have more to learn as an affiliate marketer.

The fifth hat you must wear as an affiliate is that of the”tech expert”. You need to know how to build websites and squeeze pages… how to set up a blog or an autoresponder… how to create download or “Thank You” pages… and lots more.

Not “tech savy” yet? Then you have more to learn as an affiliate marketer.

The last hat that I want to mention here is that of the “relationship expert”. Remember when I mentioned that you need your prospective customers to “Know, Like, and TRUST you?”

That’s what I am talking about!

Cultivating relationships is what gets your readers to engage.. and ultimately, become customers… and hopefully… repeat customers.

Don’t know much about becoming a “relationship expert?”

You got it… you have much more to learn as an affiliate marketer.

And where do you get that knowledge?

What if I were to offer you a training membership that covers all of this that I have talked about?

And what if it were FREE… NO cost to you?

Would you be interested.

The site is called the Affiliate Profits Club…

I have joined forces with the guys from PROMOTE LABS to offer SILVER LEVEL access to this at absolutely NO COST to you… I already paid the bill!

I encourage you check it out…

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