Grasping The Business Mindset…

Why Are You In Business?

It’s a simple question… “Why are you in business?”

If you can’t answer this question, I guarantee you WON”T be successful.

What are your deepest desires for starting your business? Time freedom? Financial freedom? Supporting your family?

What is the main thing that would make you do what others are NOT willing to do?

Business Is Never A Hobby

Many people are enchanted by the idea of starting an online business.  The thought of earning money while they vacation or while they sleep is very appealing.

However, most people don’t treat their business as a business… they treat it as they would a hobby.

They buy in to their new venture by purchasing a membership or a collection of sample products… and then they just sit back and wait for it to happen… but it doesn’t.

They become trapped in a cycle of NOT taking action…

Understand this… a sustainable, successful business is NOT a hobby to dabble in from time to time when you “feel” like it. You must invest both time and money consistently over an extended period of time to make it happen.

Business Is NEVER About “Buy This”, “Buy That”… Over And Over

Get past the “shiny object syndrome”. You can’t buy business success… you must earn it… you must build it… you must generate the sales… you must give value to your customers and clients…

Business is NEVER about YOU

It’s simple… you need to get your eyes off yourself.

Think about your customers and clients…  what do they need?…  what are their problems?… what are their deepest desires?… what is their greatest pain?… what are their passions?

Figure these things out, and then focus on solving these problems.  Give them some value… give them solutions.

Business Is NEVER About A Quick Fix

Once again, there is NO such thing as “Get Rich Quick”… not in the online world… not in the traditional “brick and mortar” offline business world either.

Sure, there are sometimes “flash-in-the-pan”, quick cash deals… but they don’t last. If you want to build a lasting, sustainable, successful, profitable business… it TAKES TIME!… it takes consistent effort… it takes that”4 letter word”… WORK!

You can’t fix your financial situation with a “quick fix”.

That’s why it is highly recommended that you begin any online business endeavor “part time”. You DO need a job until you have built your business to a level that allows you to go full time… (unless you’re like me, and you put in your time in a job, and are now receiving a retirement that will support you).


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