Tool #5 – Traffic Generation

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I don’t know if I would describe Traffic Generation as a tool, an activity (taking action), or simply the thing needed to make this whole process work.

But think on this…

What good does it do to build the best marketing funnel ever if nobody ever sees it?

Focusing targeted traffic to your squeeze page is what starts the marketing funnel, building customer leads, and then sales.

The process works like this…

1. You promote your business by sending traffic to your squeeze page.

2. Visitors to your squeeze page enter their contact information in exchange for more information or a free gift.

3. The visitor is then forwarded to another part of your website, or to your company replicated site.

4. A follow-up message set begins to be automatically delivered by your autoresponder.

5. The visitor opens your emails, which must be informative and entertaining, as well as educational about your product offer.

6. The visitor may or may not make a purchase, even after multiple email messages… but that’s OK. They are still on your list, and there are other products to promote.


So how does a marketer get people to engage in this process?… Website Traffic!

The entry point of this whole process is the squeeze page… more people sent to your squeeze page means more sign-ups and ultimately more sales.

The number of visitors to your site is referred to as “traffic”… hence the term “traffic generation”.

We could fill page after page with strategies and resources… but that’s not the focus of this discussion.

The important things to consider here include:

• What’s more important? The quantity of traffic, or the quality of the traffic.
• Do you seek general traffic or focused, targeted traffic?
• Are you looking for FREE traffic or PAID traffic.
• Do you want organic, search engine traffic, or traffic generated from other sources?
• Do you have an advertising budget? If so, how much can you spend monthly, weekly, or daily?
• Do you have a marketing list? If so, have you considered ad swaps with other marketers?


Spend some time and determine the answers to each of the questions above, and then formulate a “Traffic Generation” plan.

With that said, check out these FREE ideas for generating traffic…

Create a Facebook Page – Facebook has surpassed Google as the #1 accessed site on the Internet. Create a Facebook Page and offer viral incentives to get likes.

Create a .pdf Cheatsheet – Create cheatsheets with important information about a topic related to your business or product, and include your website URLs. Post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Produce Videos for YouTube – YouTube is one of the largest search engines other than Google. Create your own YouTube channel. Produce and upload original videos with interesting content to your YouTube channel, and/or other video sharing sites.

Write a Free eBook – One way to create an eBook is to copy and paste blog posts you have written into a document and convert it into a PDF. Submit it to an eBook directory and post it on social media sites.

Submit Your Site to – Feedburner is a web feed management provider owned by Google that takes your RSS feeds and makes it easily accessible to a variety of RSS readers.

Create Social Media Backlinks – Publish articles and other content on Social Media sites that link back to your main website.

Submit Press Releases – Send out press releases announcing new updates on your site or products. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of gigs on Fiverr to get it done for $5.

Join a tribe such as – is a community of bloggers in different niches grouped in tribes. Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers, and you do the same.

Link to your site in your Email Signature – You can get traffic to your site with every email you send.


There is a ton of training out there about traffic generation. I am going to tell you about one from my online marketing digital store.

It’s called “Ninja Traffic Training”. Inside the course you’ll discover…

Module 1 – Before You Start: Market Research Essentials
Module 2 – An Introduction Into The Ninja Traffic Strategies
Module 3 – Establishing Your Base: Setting Up A Blog Or Website
Module 4 – Know What Works: Tracking Your Visitors
Module 5 – Saving Your Traffic: Lead Generation Autoresponders
Module 6 – Getting More From Your Traffic: Copywriting Conversion
Module 7 – Introduction To Social Media Traffic
Module 8 – Facebook Traffic Tactics
Module 9 – Google Plus Traffic Tactics
Module 10 – Pinterest Traffic Tactics
Module 11 – LinkedIn Traffic Tactics
Module 12 – Introduction to YouTube Video Marketing
Module 13 – Using YouTube as A Social Network

If you want to see results in your traffic generation or you’re fed up with the lack of visitors coming to your websites, then it’s time to put an end to your ghostly website and apply our Ninja Traffic Training asap! The package also comes with six bonus traffic reports with over 750 traffic strategies.

Ninja Traffic Training

Here’s the link…


In the next post we’ll look at our last tool… Ad Tracking Software




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