Four Groups Your Business Should Serve…

The Four Types of People You Need to Serve In Your Business

One thing you need to do is evaluate your business an determine if you are adequately serving each of the four types of people…

    • Your Audience
    • Your Partners
    • Your Team Members
    • Your Community

Let’s break these down…


You Need To Serve Your Audience

Let’s start by discussing who your audience is…

    • The people who read your ads…
    • The people who buy your products…
    • The people who read your Social Media posts…
    • The people who subscribe to your list…


How do you serve your audience?

First off, you need to have their interests at heart in everything you do in your business.

When you market your product or service, think about how it will benefit them.

When you offer a product or service, make sure that their needs are met, NOT your pocketbook.

When you post about your business on Facebook or Twitter, give information that is truly valuable, NOT just a spammy ad.

Provide you subscribers with quality, life changing information… give them “freebies” once in awhile… don’t just bombard them with product offers.


You Need To Serve Your Partners

Who is doing business with you?

If you are you marketing your own product, your partners might be your affiliates.

If you are in a network marketing opportunity, your partners may be your upline or sideline members.


How do you serve your partners?

Support and acknowledge their efforts… NEVER be negative.

Work with… NOT work for your partners.

If you have affiliates, do everything possible to help them be successful.


You Need To Serve Your Team Members

Who are your team members?

Again, if you are marketing your own products, team members might be employees or people you outsource work to.

If you are building a network marketing opportunity, your team members are your downline.


How do you serve your team members?

Again, do everything you can to help them succeed.

If your team includes employees or outsourcers, reward them well for their work… give them a bonus for a job well done.

Promote for your downline members… place new people in their downline as a reward for those who are working hard.


You Need To Serve Your Community

Do you want to know the quickest way to build great relations for your business in your community?

Support community events… set up a booth at the annual Fourth of July Festival… and don’t sell… provide INFORMATION and VALUE.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce, or similar organizations.

Write article for the local newspaper… again, provide INFORMATION and VALUE.

When people start to see you and your business serving their needs, your bottom line will start to grow as well.




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