Write A New Blog Post Every Day…

Write A New Blog Post Every Day

Posting articles to your blog is an activity that pays dividends untold. Besides my own hosted WordPress blogs, I also use the IBO Toolbox PR Tool as a blogging platform. IBO Toolbox bloggers are rewarded even more in that the SEO structure and page rank of the IBO Social platform boosts the performance of each … Read more

Here’s Your Leadership Blueprint

re's Your Leadership Blueprint

Let me ask you this question… What does a building contractor require first before he begins construction? Answer: The Blueprint. The blueprints details every aspect of the structure to be built… even down to how it will look when finished. What essential quality does an online marketer need to be successful? Leadership… hands down. Leadership … Read more

Don’t Advertise… Inform

Don't Advertise Inform

Each day as I begin my marketing tasks I try to take a look at several of the blogs submitted by other members. This is a task that pays dividends in two areas. First, it helps me build relationships with other marketers. I get to learn about issues that are facing other people who are, … Read more

You Must Have Balance

You Must Have Balance

How Do You Focus On A Balanced Life Between Business and Family? As I sat down to write this post, I looked through one of my notebooks for an idea… I ran across this half page list, and it just jumped out at me. It caused me to think… to re-evaluate the approach I have … Read more

5 Habits That Are Essential To Success

Why do successful people continue to hit their goals and accomplish more in life? Successful people develop several habits in life that make a huge contribution to their success. Let’s look at some of these habits… 1. Positive Thinking – Don’t turn negative when encountering the roadblocks in life. Attack them as a challenge… a … Read more

Home Business: The Challenges

Starting your own home based business without doing your research would be like diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim and without a life preserver. Before you step into the waters, or dive in as the case may be, recognize some of the challenges that you will surely encounter At first you … Read more

The Motivation Of “Why”

I had just completed a hectic week. I had retired awhile back after 35 years in the education field, but I still worked from time to time as a technology consultant. I had worked the last 10 years as the school district’s Director of Technology. As such, I ran the school computer network. I also … Read more