Why Your First Offer MUST Be Free…

Want to discover the most important concept in online marketing… the fact that most marketers don’t really understand?

People buy from those they know, like, and trust!

It doesn’t matter how flashy the website… it doesn’t matter the benefits of the product or service… it doesn’t matter what the pricepoint is.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust!

So, why do I see marketers, time after time, present their offers to complete strangers, and then wonder why they don’t make any sales.

I know why!

People don’t know you, they have no relationship with you, and they certainly don’t trust you… yet.

And that is the main reason why most beginning marketers fail!

Following blindly the marketing strategies  that have been laid out for them, they offer their products and services to complete strangers, and then they give up when it doesn’t work out.

Successful marketers… affiliate marketers and network marketers alike, always make sure their first offer is free. Completely FREE!

They take the long term approach and develop relationships with people first.

Get them to… you guessed it… know, like, and trust you first.

Show them that you have their best interests at heart… that you care about their success.

Offer them something free in exchange for giving you their contact information on what is called a squeeze page, subscribing to an email list through your autoresponder. Offer something with real value, not a junk eBook you have laying on your hard drive.

Now, I didn’t say don’t give them an eBook… I said, don’t give them junk. Preferably, write one yourself… take your time and create a product with lots of great information related to your product or service.

Be personal… share your knowledge and experience.

I am now offering silver level access to a complete membership site that relates to my products and services… resources and tools for online marketers.

And I am getting a lot more followers… and of better quality.

The next step is to follow up with these “subscribers” sending emails with even more valuable information.

Again, you main focus is to develop relationships with your subscribers… to get them to know, like, and trust you. There, I said it again!

Once you have built great relationships sales are easy.  As Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything you want in life if you help others get what they want.” He also said, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

So, focus on building relationships… getting people to know like, and trust you, and your business will flourish.



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