5 Habits That Are Essential To Success

Why do successful people continue to hit their goals and accomplish more in life? Successful people develop several habits in life that make a huge contribution to their success. Let’s look at some of these habits… 1. Positive Thinking – Don’t turn negative when encountering the roadblocks in life. Attack them as a challenge… a … Read more

Home Business: The Challenges

Starting your own home based business without doing your research would be like diving into the deep end without knowing how to swim and without a life preserver. Before you step into the waters, or dive in as the case may be, recognize some of the challenges that you will surely encounter At first you … Read more

The Motivation Of “Why”

I had just completed a hectic week. I had retired awhile back after 35 years in the education field, but I still worked from time to time as a technology consultant. I had worked the last 10 years as the school district’s Director of Technology. As such, I ran the school computer network. I also … Read more