Still Ten More FREE And Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Here are still ten more free and low cost ideas for promoting your business…

1. Post Solo Ads to free Text Ad Exchanges and Safelists.

2. FREE Newsletter
… Put your marketing knowledge to work for you by publishing a free newsletter or blog discussing the particular business niche. You can even monetize your publication by selling ads or adding adsense once you have built a following.

3. Business Cards are an essential part of promoting any business. (You can make up your own or maybe get them free through VistaPrint)

4. Get a Booth
at the next school or community event. Provide both free information and sell your products… offer a discount if they sign up for your mailing list or newsletter.

5. Ads in Local Paper…  Check out ads in your local newspaper… they can be both cheap AND effective. Also, look for classified ads in online newspapers… here’s a link to help you find them…

6. Sunshade…  Here’s a unique idea. Use vinyl letters to put your web address on your windshield sun shade. You can even purchase these as giveaway promo items also… get lots of people advertising for you.

7. Social Media… Don’t forget about Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and Twitter. Post regularly, but don’t overdo it. Add 5-7 new friends on Facebook every day… again, don’t overdo it. Post links to your newsletter or blog and do the real promotion there NOT on your Facebook page.

8. Discount Coupon…  People love to save money… create a product discount coupon and advertise that via Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are lots of coupon plugins available for WordPress blogs.

9. Social Bookmarking… Use sites such as Digg,, StumbleUpon, or Reddit to bookmark your sites which can then be viewed by thousands of other users. Or you can go over to and for $5, get someone else to do it for you. Be sure to look at the ratings of the gig provider to select a quality gig.

10. Press Release… Submit a “Press Release” about your business or one of your products. It must be a newsworthy event to get published… not just an informational article. Here are two sources…

PR Log –

Free Press Release –

Do a Google search for “free press release” and you’ll find more.

These are just a few ideas for promoting your business without breaking the bank.

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