Business Card Creation Ideas…

Are you getting ready to design a business card?

Here are some things to think about as you design your card…

  1. There are obvious things like name, email, phone, and affiliate ID#. You would be surprised about the number of times I have seen something as important as this let off a card or advertisement.
  2. I also think a very important thing that is often not included on business cards is a “call to action”. Things like “call me”, “drop me an email”, “check out his website”… the list could go on and on.  Decide what is the most important thing you want a new prospect to do, and compel them to do it.
  3. You also want a professional looking card… this is the face of your business so show your prospect that you mean business by the appearance and layout of your card.
  4. Keep your card simple and memorable. Don’t try to fit everything you know about your opportunity or product onto your business card… that is for a website or blog.
  5. This is hard for me to say, being a retired art teacher, but don’t try to be what I call “artsy-fartsy”. Cute fonts and graphics have their place, but I am not sure they will show that you are serious about your business. An exception to this is if your a running an “artsy-fartsy” business.


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