The Book You Don’t Read Won’t Help… Jim Rohn

I love to read…

I think it all started back in 1966 when I was in the 6th grade. We had a small library that was located in the principal’s office. My teacher selected me to work as a library aide for an hour one day a week.

I was excited… it was quite a privilege!

So, what do you do when you are working in a library, and there isn’t anything else to do?

You find a book to read… right?

That has carried on even into my adult life… but the type of books I choose has changed.

I used to read a lot of sci-fi and adventure books… reading for entertainment… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now, most of the reading I do is for learning purposes… I want to better myself, whether it’s learning how to’s, or personal development.

One of my favorite mentors is Jim Rohn. He has passed on now, but he had a lot of things to say about reading books.

Here are some of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes about reading…

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

“Those who will not read are no better off than those who cannot read.”

“Don’t just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it.”

“The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read.”

“”The book you don’t read won’t help…”

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.”

“It isn’t what the book costs. It’s what it will cost you if you don’t read it.”

“The only thing worse than not reading a book in the last ninety days is not reading a book in the last ninety days and thinking it doesn’t matter.”

“Poor people have big TV’s… Rich people have big libraries.”

“Everything you need for better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library.”

I could write a whole blog post on each one of these quotes… and I probably will someday.

But the point I am making today is that each one of us has goals in life and in business, and the path to success may just pass through the books you are reading.

And if you’re not reading… START!

Myself, I don’t read hours on end… but I do make it a point to read some every day… even if its just a page or two.

There’s always audio books as well… for instance, listen to some great books on your daily commute.

Don’t let success pass you by just because you won’t take the time to improve yourself.

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