Ten More FREE And Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Here are ten more FREE and low cost ways to promote your business…

1. Get your family involved. Mom’s and dad’s love to “help you out”, so give them some of your business cards and ask them to give them out to people they know who would be interested in part time income.

2. Leave Business Cards by the change machines at the car wash, mall arcades, or laundromats… or maybe at outdoor ATM machines.

3. Newspaper Stand… When you buy your morning paper from the machine in front of the convenience store, slip some flyers into the rest of the newspapers.

4. Ezine Advertising…  You can’t beat targeted ezine advertising… it is a very cost effective way to promote your business.

5. Seed Packets…  Here’s an idea for the spring and summer months… purchase cheap flower or vegetable seed packets, label them with your website as well as the following quote: “I am in the business of helping people grow their own business.” Find a creative way to hand them out.

6. Bandit Signs… I know you’ve seen this type of sign around your town… especially during the election season. Take a corrugated plastic sign and mount it on an “H” wire step stake. Then place the signs at intersections where traffic stops and is not too busy. Use a permanent marker to write the following (or similar) message… “Earn $2000 per month part time! Don’t believe it… Don’t call. 555-1212” (whatever your phone number is)

Here are links to the blank signs and stakes…



7. Baby Cards…  Provide “Welcome Baby ______________” cards for your local hospital… put a short and small “provided by” message on the lower back of the card with links to your website.

8. Restaurants…  Don’t forget to leave your business card in restrooms or on tables at restaurants… or at sitting areas at the mall.

9. Personalized T-Shirt… get AND wear T-shirts that promote your business, products, or website.  Most business opportunities already have shirts and other clothing you can purchase… I’ve even seen a “dog sweater” you could dress your pet in when you go to the “doggy park”.

10. Fiverr…  Go to fiverr.com and do a search for “advertising”. Today there were 3,429 results… most of these are people offering offline methods of advertising for $5. Just be sure use tracking links on your website or capture pages to determine how effective that particular “gig” is.

Just a few ideas on promoting your business without breaking the bank.

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