How Do You Respond When Someone Asks You About Your Business Opportunity?

When I see or hear a questions like this, I don’t believe that the answer lies in a specific “scripted text” to be re-quoted by the new (or maybe not so new) affiliate.

I believe that the answer to this question lies in the attitude and the personality of the person who is asking the question.

If I give a “say this to the prospect” type of answer it will probably not fit the affiliate’s personality, nor will it fit the circumstances presented in the specific situation at hand.

So, rather than give you that type of answer, let’s consider these things…

Do you REALLY believe in your business model? Do you REALLY believe in yourself?

It’s simply a question of attitude… you must answer your prospects questions with a depth of conviction. Your prospect is going to see right through any hype… you must truly believe with conviction that what you are doing in your opportunity is YOUR answer to success, and that you can help them reach their own goals and dreams as well.

Words like “I think this will work”, or “I hope”, or “I’m going to give this a try” just won’t cut it.

Next, you must have confident belief… confident belief in yourself AND confident belief in your business opportunity.

When you position yourself in this way you will always present yourself AND your business opportunity in a positive way.

Will this guarantee that everyone you share your business with will join you?  Of course not!

But that’s OK… it’s a “numbers game”. Don’t worry about it.

Move on to the next prospect knowing that you are now one person closer to your next yes.

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