The Motivation Of “Why”

I had just completed a hectic week.

I had retired awhile back after 35 years in the education field, but I still worked from time to time as a technology consultant. I had worked the last 10 years as the school district’s Director of Technology. As such, I ran the school computer network. I also maintained and repaired over 950 computers and all of the peripherals that went along with them.

That part I enjoyed.

The other part of my position had to do with paperwork… submitting reports and writing grants. This part I hated.

Guess which part I now continued to do as a consultant? You guessed it… the paperwork part.

As school was reconvening, I had a major technology grant to complete.

I had to work all week on this project… and I was not at all motivated to do so.

What I rediscovered that week, however, was my “Why?”

Why was I spending my retirement time working at home on an online business that was still in its infancy, and therefore, not terribly profitable at that time?

Here’s the reason I discovered… I didn’t particularly like working every day. And I really I didn’t like answering an alarm clock.

If I work a few hours each day, on a consistent basis, I will soon NOT have to work as a consultant doing the very thing I hated the most about my job that I had retired from.

That’s my “Why”.

Now I ask this… what is your “Why”?

What is it that gives you the motivation to burn the midnight oil when you could be sitting back and relaxing watching the latest sitcom or crime drama?

Once you figure out your “Why”, display it where you will see it each day. You might write down the goals you wish to achieve. It might just be a photo of your kids, whom you would love to spend more time with. It might be a travel brochure… or a new car ad. It might be a picture of starving kids that you would love to support. It might be aging parents.

Whatever your “Why”, put it up where you can see it each and every day.

My reminder is just the numbers 471. That’s the number of the form I had to submit for the technology grant I had just completed. I wrote it on my computer monitor.

My main goal in life, and for my online business, is to help others. My website,, is centered around the idea of helping others reach their life goals.

Look forward to seeing you here…




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