Celebration Or Resentment?

I heard an interesting comment on a sports radio station a couple of days ago.

The commentator was discussing the millions each year being earned now by Alabama head football coach, Nick Saban. Now, I am not an Alabama fan… but I have no problem with his compensation. I am sure that he is earning well in excess of that for his school.

The item that caught my attention, though, was not the amount of money he is being paid. The thing that impressed me was the statement that people resent the fact that he is paid so much… even though he has EARNED it.

And yet, people will celebrate the good fortunes of a lottery winner, even though they did nothing to deserve the millions except to buy a ticket.

They resent the one who earns his fortune, but they celebrate those who just get lucky!

Why is that? Here’s my opinion…

People resent those who do the work to earn their fortune because they know that they will never put forth the effort to make themselves worthy of that kind of an incredible payday… they won’t step out from their comfort zones and take the risks necessary to achieve great success.

However, these same people celebrate the lottery winners because they hope someday they could be so lucky.

Through my online business efforts I come across a lot of people taking the steps necessary to reach success… I applaud you!

Good for you!

I will never be resentful of another person’s success… if you earn it, you deserve it!

To Your Success…


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