The Business Mindset: Transitioning From Employee To Entrepreneur

Many new online business owners start out building their new enterprise part time as they continue to work their current job. Their business experience centers around working for someone else. They are an employee. In most cases these individuals have been an employee for years… perhaps for their entire life.

It may be difficult for the new entrepreneur to move away from the employee mentality.

What do I mean by this?

Those who have the employee mentality are more likely to look for other people to tell that what to do. They may have difficulties in taking responsibility for their business tasks and decisions. They may find it hard to accept responsibility for their ultimate success or failure as an entrepreneur.

Which one are you… entrepreneur or employee?

If you are an entrepreneur you think differently than the employee. The “Buck Stops Here” is a quote that comes to mind. You, and you alone, are responsible for the success or failure of your business. You are the decision maker… you take both the credit and the blame.

The entrepreneur is not afraid to take risks. He will invest in his business… both time and money.

The entrepreneur understands that success is not a right… success is earned. You don’t necessarily get a paycheck just because you put in some hours.. no guarantees.

A new business venture is NOT a scam just because you didn’t get rich overnight. 95{2889b2a888ba1a8c1e7f32aace11e21c823468a58c5dfdb6cd57731901938bd8} of all new business ventures don’t make it… online or offline.

The entrepreneur knows that he will probably be drastically underpaid as he starts his business… but, later, he may be earning money while he sleeps.

As a new business owner, it is critical that you move away from the employee mindset… trading hours for pay… expecting specific wages for the hours put in… expecting guaranteed success without risk.

As long as you continue with the employee mindset you will NOT make the transition that of the entrepreneur… and the rewards you are seeking through your business ventures.





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