re's Your Leadership Blueprint

Let me ask you this question… What does a building contractor require first before he begins construction?

Answer: The Blueprint.

The blueprints details every aspect of the structure to be built… even down to how it will look when finished.

What essential quality does an online marketer need to be successful?

Leadership… hands down.

Leadership comes in many forms… some leaders are very charismatic… some are compassionate. Some leaders lead by example… some by motivation.

Whatever the case, let’s explore the characteristics and qualities of the ideal leadership blueprint.

What does a great leader look like? Take a look at this list of leadership qualities:

A leader…

  • is willing to step out of his comfort zone
  • listens to others
  • is full of enthusiasm
  • passion for his cause
  • shows appreciation of others
  • has vision
  • is a good role model
  • trusts others
  • has integrity
  • has developed organization skills
  • is knowledgeable
  • is always credible
  • can be persuasive
  • is charismatic
  • is definitely a team builder
  • has clarity of purpose
  • solves problems
  • has a servant attitude
  • leads by example
  • is patient with others
  • takes action
  • understands followers
  • is very consistent
  • empowers others
  • is adaptable to change.

Notice what characteristics are included… positive characteristics that require people skills. The leader must put himself in vulnerable positions, and yet still be confident and sure in his leadership position.

Now notice what the list does NOT include… characteristics such as being stern, mean, quick-tempered, spiteful, being a bully, angry, abrasive, punishing, selfish, only thinking of himself, manipulating, or ruthless.

Who would you rather work with? A list 1 type leader who really cares for you… or the leader of list 2?

What about you? How would you characterize your leadership skills compared to the above list of positive traits. If you were to survey the people who daily work with you, how would they describe your leadership?

Would you be more effective by taking on more of the list one characteristics?

Most People want leadership that cares for them with true compassion, courtesy, and respect. They want leaders who are all about helping them become successful. They want leadership that inspires and empowers them with vision and shows them how to get there.

Remember what Zig Ziglar always taught… “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want too.”

Get your eyes off yourself…


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