The Go-Giver… A Book Recommendation

Awhile back I published two posts that were based on quotes by business mentor Jim Rohn…
To Have More We Must Become More – Jim Rohn
The Book You Don’t Read Won’t Help You – Jim Rohn

In this post I am going to tell you about the book I am currently reading… The Go-Giver.

Jim Rohn encouraged everyone to better themselves by reading more… and not just any book… but books that will raise your level of personal development.

If you don’t remember what I am talking about, refer to my two blog posts linked to above.

“The Go-Giver”, written by Bob Berg and John David Mann, is what I could call a “business parable”.

I picked it up because it is recommended reading by my mentor, John Thornhill.

The main character, an ambitious young man named Joe, is a “go-getter” who is pressured by an upcoming deadline, and needs to make a “statement” by landing a prize client.

He seeks help from an unlikely source, a co-worker who seems to be anything but a go-getter… but looks do deceive.

His co-worker puts him in touch with a man they call the “Chairman”… another successful businessman who is anything but the perceived image of a go-getter, but Joe follows suit… he is desperate.

What follow is an eye-opening narrative that unveils “The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success”.

These include…

Wait a minute! You didn’t think I would just tell you right here, did you?

You need to get the book and read it yourself.

The link below will help you find the book on Amazon… it is NOT an afilliate link, so check it out, or look in your public library.

But I recommend you buy it an keep it to read several times… it’s that good!

So, here’s the link…  The Go-Giver Book

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