The Power Is In The System!

The question you should ask as you evaluate a new business opportunity is this… “What type of system is in place that I can plug into to help ensure my success?”

No one needs to repeat other marketer’s mistakes, invest in strategies that won’t work, or miss out on the leadership, motivation, and guidance of a good mentor.

In every “exceptional” business opportunity there are also incredible team builders that have already pioneered the process for their teams.

Take a look at some of the features and benefits to look for in a marketing system:

* A unique marketing system that leverages the Internet, as well as offline strategies to find interested people who want what we have to offer

* The marketing system screens out the ‘tire kickers”

* Systems designed to speed up and automate your business

* Personalized product and/or recruiting websites

* On-demand 24 hour training allows you to follow your own schedule


It is vitally important that you find an opportunity that features a proven and successful marketing system to plug into.

I am in the process of building such a system for my primary business opportunity… My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

Yes, the company offers a marketing program and training of its own as well.

But my system will allow you to personalize and brand your business… to make it your own!

More about that in our next discussion… look at what I’m building for my team.





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