Network Marketing – Is That Really A Misnomer?

MLM Gateway is a marketing resource that a lot of home business owners use to build their home based business… including myself.

Most of the members of MLM Gateway consider themselves as a Network Marketer… right?

That’s why they’re there in the first place… they want to build their network marketing business by “networking” with other “like-minded” people.

So why would I say the term “Network Marketing” is a “Misnomer”?


Have I got your curiosity up yet?

To answer that, let’s first define the term “misnomer”. says that a “misnomer” is something that has a “misapplied or inappropriate name or designation”.

So how is “Network Marketing” a misnomer?

Plain and simple… most network marketers DON’T really know how to market their business.


What I’ve Been Doing…

I have been working on the project of building a resource site for my team members. This is an ongoing project and it is focused on specifically marketing my primary business. You can find it at My 20 Dollar Travel Biz.

I have referred 29 personally sponsored members to my team… and most of these team members don’t know how to market their business.

My answer to this issue has been to build capture pages, set up autoresponders, and help promote their business for them.

And, since they don’t know how to market themselves, I then have to build these marketing funnels for everyone they bring into the business as well… at present I have 88 total team members in my downline.

You can see where this is going, can’t you? I am limited by my time… there are only 24 hours in each day, right?


The Need For Quality “Marketing Training”…

My belief is that anyone can be successful in a network marketing business when they truly understand how to market their business… whatever that may be.

That success is NOT based on joining a certain company… there are very successful entrepreneurs in every network marketing company… right?

Success is built upon building and promoting yourself… your brand.


In reality, people join YOU, not your company…

So you truly need a platform that will teach the process of BUILDING YOUR ONLINE BRAND!


Two Solutions… One FREE… One Paid

For the past several months, I have been looking for a solution to this problem… I have found two solutions that I would like to share with you… one FREE… one Paid.


The FREE solution is called “My Online Startup”… or “MOS”

MOS is a membership site focused on providing training for affiliate marketers.

“Wait a minute, I’m not an “affiliate” marketer, I’m a “network” marketer!”


My primary business is based on a “network marketing” structure, and yet I have an “affiliate link” and an “affiliate page”. I get paid for referring people to these company provided links. I handle no products or inventory… I am an affiliate.

You may be an affiliate also, but even if you’re not, the strategies in this free course will help you build ANY online business… or offline for that matter.

The number one purposes for MOS is to teach YOU how to BUILD YOUR BRAND! Remember, people join YOU, not your company.

Here’s the link for this totally free membership… My Online Startup


Second Solution…

I also am a member of MLSP… My Lead System Pro.

This membership offers a ton of training focused on how to generate leads for your business using mostly free strategies, like Social Media.

Your MLSP membership also offers “done for you” lead generation funnels and a page builder called “MLSP Funnelizer”.

The membership runs $49 per month.

Here’s a link to a free training and an example of one of their lead generation campaigns… FaceBook – Get Free Social Media Leads


So What Do You Need To Do Next?

The first thing I would do is grab your FREE membership at My Online Startup… the 50+ training modules will definitely lead you to success in ANY online business endeavor…

Next, be sure to check out the free Facebook Lead Generation Training from MLSP

And them, share them with YOUR team and help them to truly become NETWORK MARKETERS!


Greg Ray - Platinum Team Leader

Greg Ray
Platinum Team Leader