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Here are 10 Follow-Up Marketing Tips that you can implement to make your business more profitable…

These will give you some ingenious strategies to keep in touch with your prospective clients and some hidden tricks for follow-up copywriting. Furthermore, you will have access to prewritten sentences that can be employed to persuade your audience to visit, subscribe, join, or purchase once you’ve followed up with them.

1) Consider following up with an update. Incorporate a ‘Buy now!’ action prompt in your email. In your concluding P.S., you could remind them ‘Don’t overlook the upsell! ‘

2) Think about sending a reminder as a follow-up. Add a ‘Visit today!’ instruction in your advertisement. Your final P.S. could convey the message ‘Don’t disregard the OTO!’

3) A follow-up offering a lowered price could be effective. Incorporate a ‘Grab it!’ command in your letter. Your final P.S. might urge them to ‘Become a member! ‘

4) You could choose to follow up with a video message. Include an ‘Order now!’ prompt in your communication. Your closing postscript may encourage them to ‘Become a customer! ‘

5) A personalized birthday follow-up could work wonders. Add a ‘Go Here!’ call to action in your note. Your concluding P.S. could suggest ‘Become a subscriber! ‘

6) A follow-up urging them not to delay could be useful. Integrate a ‘Purchase today!’ recommendation in your response. Your final P.S. could convey ‘Don’t miss this! ‘

7) A follow-up offering a free warranty could be persuasive. Add a ‘Get It!’ command to your communication. Your concluding P.S. might suggest ‘Don’t pass this up! ‘

8) Consider a product preview for your follow-up. Link a ‘Enroll here!’ directive to your email. Your closing P.S. may assert ‘Don’t disregard this! ‘

9) You could follow-up with a rumor about a sale ending. Connect a ‘Subscribe below!’ directive to your email. Your final P.S. might urge ‘Don’t miss your opportunity! ‘

10) Offering an affiliate option as a follow-up could be enticing. Include a ‘Join instantly!’ remark in your advertisement. Your closing postscript may remind them ‘Don’t be tardy! ‘

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