Is Your Email Account Black Listed?

Have you ever sent out an email ad message to your list that you just knew was going to “kill it” and make you a boat load of cash… but you got absolutely no response?

Was it your email headline that was the problem?… the offer?… the message itself?

Those things can be determined by split-testing your email ad messages… but that isn’t the topic of this discussion.

Here’s something you may not know… if you are using a Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, or even Gmail as the “from” in your AutoResponder campaign, you can be killing your email deliverability.

One of the ways that Gmail and similar ISP’s fight spam is by using what is called “email authentication” to check whether an email that you sent really came from you.

You may have experienced this issue if you have ever gotten an email from a friend, but you knew they couldn’t have actually sent the message… their email was hacked.

Recently Yahoo and AOL changed their email authentication settings using the new DMARC standard. More ISP’s will surely follow.

Here is the bottom line… using free email providers can result in your ISP saying “we don’t vouch for that email”, and your email is rejected.

The solution is quite simple… you need to change your “from” email address to your own domain…  like .

But that brings up another issue…  what if your domain has been “black-listed”? And how would you know if that was the case?

You might say, I haven’t been “spamming” anyone, but here’s something you may not know.

Black-listed email accounts aren’t just based on YOUR domain.  Most marketers are using what is called “shared” hosting.  Their websites are hosted on a server that is shared by many other users… therefore, if there is another user that has their domain hosted on the same server as your hosting account, and they are spamming… it can also cause YOUR domain to be flagged as well… even if you aren’t “spamming”.

So, here’s what you need to do… follow this link to get your domain… or domains… checked for “black-listing”… it’s a free service.

Hope this helps…

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