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Each day as I begin my marketing tasks I try to take a look at several of the blogs submitted by other members.

This is a task that pays dividends in two areas.

First, it helps me build relationships with other marketers. I get to learn about issues that are facing other people who are, much like me, building an online business presence. I get to share my ideas and read those of others. I discover concepts and programs being offered by fellow marketers. These relationships can later turn into additions to my own personal promotions. But even when they don’t, I am still bettering myself and others by building the relationships.

Second, I get to help other people. I fulfill my purpose in life by helping others.

I can give other marketers a “thumbs up”, so to speak, by “commenting on” or “liking” their blog or wall posts. I can share their articles through Facebook or Twitter, or a multitude of other Social Media sites. I can encourage, or offer ideas. I might even get involved with another marketer by joining their cause.

Now, let’s get back to the subject mentioned in the title above. I see a lot of advertisements in the blog posts. I don’t believe that this is the best approach to engage your audience. We are bombarded so much these days by over-hyped advertising that we just shut down when we encounter it.

Change the whole approach as you write. Don’t focus on the “Hype”!

Instead, inform your reader. Tell them in your own words the benefits THEY will receive from your product or program. Tell a story of your experiences.

Stay away from “Advert” type words and phrases.

If you are promoting a “wellness” type product, inform the reader on what makes it special.

Of course, the main focus of your article is to send prospects to your website. Just remember that you want to do this by providing them some useful content… show them that you actually know what you are talking about and have THEIR interests at heart.

Nobody wants to be caught in a hyped-up article trap.

We get quite enough advertisements on radio and television, thank you very much.


I recently joined forces with a number of other marketers in John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success program. The main focus starting out is building a new blog that promotes our online business activities. You are reading mine…  Another unique aspect of the Partnership To Success is that we are encouraged to network with other “like minded” entrepreneurs, which will pay dividends in the future for our businesses.

I have a list of several other marketers blogs under the heading of “Other Cool Blogs” posted on the side panel of each page of my blog. I encourage you to check these out as well.

Finally, if you haven’t yet checked out the Partnership To Success program, then click the link below. It will connect you with a free webinar where John explains the whole system, and teaches how product development and affiliate marketing go hand-in-hand… do it now!

Here’s that link ===>   John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success

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