Do You Want To Know Key To Affiliate Marketing Success?

Affiliate Marketing, on the surface, sounds like a very easy business model to implement. Three basic steps, right?

  • Build a marketing list.
  • Find products to offer.
  • Send emails and watch the cash roll in.

Only it’s not at all that simple!


Let’s re-examine and re-order these steps…

The first step is NOT to build a marketing list, although that is certainly a VERY important one.

The first step on the road to affiliate marketing success is to find an EAGER AUDIENCE… find people who are PASSIONATE about their interest… people who are willing to SPEND MONEY on their interest… and an interest where there are a lot of these people.


This is called finding your NICHE!

You might be interested in “golf” or “horses” or “skiing”… all of these have lot’s of avid followers who spend money on their interest… right!

But that is pretty broad… you could be marketing in the travel niche… places to go ski.

You could be selling ski equipment… skis, apparel, even wax for the skis.

You could develop a digital product that teaches the finer aspects of “how to ski”.

Lot’s of ideas out there…

That is called refining your niche… honing in on a very small section of a broad market… digging deeper… specializing.


Find An Eager Audience and Offer What They Want

After finding your niche the next step is to get into the heads of your audience… discover what they are truly interested in and what they are willing to spend money on.

Do some research… pay attention to what’s going on in that particular niche. Watch YouTube videos… do some Google searches and check out the ads on the page… watch TV commercials.

There are lots of strategies here… many more than I can cover in the scope of this article.

The point here is NOT that you find products to offer… the point is that you offer products that fill the needs and wants of your audience.

So there is the key to affiliate success… let me say it again…

Find An Eager Audience and Offer What They Want.

Everything else needs to revolve around that premise.

Now several questions come to mind…

HOW do I find a profitable niche?…
HOW do I market in that niche?…
WHAT marketing strategies work best?…
HOW do I build a list in my niche?…


Again, the list goes on and on… much further than I can address in a short blog post.

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1 thought on “Do You Want To Know Key To Affiliate Marketing Success?”

  1. Hi there Greg,

    When I first started out, I thought that all I needed to do was to create a product. Based on the fact that I thought I was awesome, I also believed that people would buy it. Very good advice to find the market first, the give them what they want, makes the whole process so much easier than trying to find and pitch to a cold audience.

    Excellent article.


    Martin Platt.


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