Posting articles to your blog is an activity that pays dividends untold. Besides my own hosted WordPress blogs, I also use the IBO Toolbox PR Tool as a blogging platform.

IBO Toolbox bloggers are rewarded even more in that the SEO structure and page rank of the IBO Social platform boosts the performance of each blog post to even greater heights.

As an experiment, I published a post promoting a new Internet marketing tool. I did no keyword research… no SEO. I just posted an article reviewing the basic product on IBO Toolbox.

I waited about 30 minutes, and typed in a Google search for the product by name. I was on page four out of millions of pages. Now that’s pretty good. Imagine how responsive the results will be with a little SEO planning and comments from fellow IBO Toolbox members.

I really believe most marketers have no idea of the power of IBO Toolbox and IBO Social. I have been publishing a blog on my main site for well over a year. The results have been less than encouraging.

On the other hand, I had been an IBO member for about six weeks…  I had posted 22 blog posts on a variety of subjects relating to online marketing. I did not post articles about any specific business opportunity.

Because of a holiday, I did very little on IBO Toolbox as far as wall posting and commenting.  And yet, when I checked I had 254 views on my IBO Social profile.

I’m not sure I had 254 total views on one of my my other blogs all year!

OK, I hope I have made my point. Make a commitment to post at least one blog article per day using the IBO Toolbox  PR Tool, and your business will be rewarded immensely.

P.S. If you haven’t already done so, here’s the link to join IBO Toolbox.  It’s FREE!  Always FREE!

Click on the image below to access my referral page, and then find the blue “Register Now” button on the top left to join…

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