Recommended Marketing Sites… Check These Out!!!

Here are two very good places to advertise your home business…

Bweeble is a list builder that is very hot right now. I have sent out a total of 21,845 email ads to my landing pages.

I have received total of 734 clicks on my emails for a 3% CTR (Click Thru Rate) which is not bad for this type of advertising.

Bweeble has lots of features, including the ability to create a “brand builder” profile with your photo and social media links that appear right along with every ad you send out.

Bweeble’s free membership allows you to send out up to 3,000 email ads every three days… of course, you have to view other marketers emails to earn mailing credits (or you can simply buy them).

Here’s the link:

The second site I would like to bring to your attention is called IBO Toolbox. When you get your FREE IBO Toolbox membership you can post unlimited “wall post” ads (think Facebook wall posts). You can also submit up to two blog posts/press releases per day.  If you write your own original articles (no copy and paste here) you will receive 100 bonus credits per post. So the 200 credits earned translate to 1,000 ad views for your text ads (like Google adsense ads) or banner ads.

That totals 7,000 free ad views per week if you are a prolific article writer. Your blog/press release posts will also be posted to your IBO Social Profile, networked blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that pick up IBO Press Release feeds.

There are also several other FREE tools included with your IBO Toolbox membership. May favorite that I uses every day is the IBOurl tool. This is a web link shortener, link cloaker, and ad tracker all built into one tool. Every page that it displays also includes an IBO toolbar at the top of every displayed page. This toolbar shows your IBO “likes” the number of IBO Associates, and it has links to your press releases, videos, social media buttons, and a built in lead management system.

And did I mention that it is FREE… no upgrade… no cost… EVER!!!

Oh, wait a minute… there is one small cost associated with IBO Toolbox. If you want more than 7,000 ad views per week… or if you just don’t like writing articles… you can purchase as many ad views as you like… very affordable.

Me personally… I haven’t purchased ads for months as I just write articles.

Here’s the link to join…

Did I mention that it’s FREE?

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