March 2020 Special Gift

Here is your special gift for March 2020…

Affiliate Marketing Checklist #1 – Affiliate Niche Selection

This checklist was developed and designed by a Six-Figure Plus Affiliate Marketer… however, I am not allowed to mention his name as per the licensing agreement.

The download link is at at the bottom of this page, but first, check this out…

Your special gift is checklist #1 of a total of 19 affiliate marketing checklists… here are the other 18 titles:

  • Checklist 2 Abbreviations and Statistics
  • Checklist 3 Finding a Profile Niche
  • Checklist 4 Product Approval
  • Checklist 5 JV Zoo Account Setup
  • Checklist 6 JV Zoo Product Research
  • Checklist 7 Warriorplus Account Setup
  • Checklist 8 Warriorplus Product Research
  • Checklist 9 Clickbank Account Setup
  • Checklist 10 Clickbank Product Research
  • Checklist 11 Launch Calender
  • Checklist 12 Affiliate Approval
  • Checklist 13 Planning Promotions
  • Checklist 14 List Building with Affiliate Marketing
  • Checklist 15 Promotion Emails
  • Checklist 16 Offering an Delivering Bonuses
  • Checklist 17 Product Reviews
  • Checklist 18 Free Traffic
  • Checklist 19 Paid Traffic

Would you like the entire collection? No Doubt!

But here’s the thing… I can’t give them to you… as a group.

As per the license I received when I purchased them, I can only give them to you as one of my subscribers, and then only one at a time.

So here’s what you need to do to get all 19 checklists… click on this link and subscribe to my Affiliate Marketing Checklists Collection, and you’ll start receiving the other 18 checklists a per day beginning tomorrow.

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Affiliate Marketing Checklist #1 – Affiliate Niche Selection

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