Do You Need An Online Coach?

It’s quite evident that if you’re reading this that you’ve been bitten by the online marketing bug…

Whether you’re trying to build a business that follows the network marketing model, promoting digital or physical products as an affiliate, or you’re developing and marketing your own information products, you can definitely benefit from the tutelage of an experienced and successful online coach.

I just entered into a partnership with one of the most successful online marketers you’ll ever come across, John Thornhill.

In just two short weeks I have already learned at least a dozen different strategies to improve the performance of my blog… and I am an experienced blogger.

Yes, I know that if you’re working a network marketing based business that you have a sponsor that is supposed to be your mentor… but what if they are brand new and know nothing about how to market online?

Yes, you may have purchased all of the latest training packages, but nothing takes the place of an actual human being that is there to answer your questions personally.

What you really need is step-by-step on screen training that shows you how to set up your marketing, how to build your marketing list, how to create follow up messages for your autoresponder, and how to create your own products… right?

Plus, you need personal access to your mentor by email and telephone to help you with your really tough problems, evaluate your progress, and point out where you need to go next.

Face it, all of this comes with a price… no way around that.

But think about this… how much will it cost you to open what I call a “brick-and-mortar” store?

I had a friend who opened his own cabinet shop… he invested his life savings… over $50,000… and it went “belly-up”! He lost it all!

What if he’d invested a fraction of that with a proven online coaching system like the one my mentor is running. It’s called “Partnership To Success“.

John is offering a webinar that explains everything and doesn’t cost you a dime… and if you go through the entire webinar, he’ll give you his best selling product as a bonus for attending. What a deal!

So why not take a couple of hours and schedule your webinar… what have you got to lose?

You’ll be amazed at how simple it can be to set up your own online digital product business.

I said simple… I did not say that it doesn’t require consistent time investment and a little bit of cash… but nowhere near that $50,000 I mentioned!

Here’s that link again… do yourself and your family a favor and schedule your webinar.

Here’s that link again ===>

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